Wish List

1. Peep through a telescope and be among the stars, even for a brief moment.
2. Sing a complete song in French.
3. Dance along a song played on vinyl.
4. Taste all kinds of cheese.
5. Master preparing a Croque Madame.
6. Read a book with no expectations then will eventually turn out really great.
7. Tour the historical part of Manila.
8. Visit the Mind Museum.
9. Eat at Ma Mon Luk.
10. Recreate Flaming Wings' Wicked Oreos. Successfully this time.
11. Discover a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with excellent food.
12. Get back my twenty-something-inch waistline.
13. Maintain a habit of jogging for at least 10x a month.
14. Learn how to put makeup on.
15. Be part of something great.
16. Earn own money before graduating from university.
17. Attend a musical or go on a concert. (Phantom of the Opera, pleeeease!)
18. Watch a foreign film for free. And on big screen.
19. How about gain a following for my blog? Grant that, will ye?
20. Get starstruck.
21. Try nail art.
22. Practice my chopsticks skills.
23. Ride a cross-country train.
24. Survive a roller coaster ride.
25. Read more and more amazing books.
26. Do some good to the human race by somehow spreading book love.
27. Get awesome grades this year!
28. Own a new black-rimmed (cool) glasses or colored contacts.
29. Buy that reviewer for ChE board exam and start the habit of answering 10 questions a day.
30. Layout our family's coffee table (photo) book.
31. Put Dad-After-Retirement Project into action.
32. Be more creative!
33. Make a portfolio of graphic design works and come up with an output of at least one a week.
34. Experience night flight!
35. Get a perfect score in a ChE exam.
36. Get the highest score for the class in a ChE exam.
37. Pull off some boots!
38. Go to Middle Earth and visit the Shire.
39. Watch UAAP Cheerdance live.
40. Win a prize from a raffle or any game of luck.
41. Play the drums.
42. Read 'A Moveable Feast' while experiencing Paris first-hand.
43. Listen to the sound of horses' hooves against cobbled streets.
44. Have real-life friends hailing from another nation/s.
45. Don winter wear.

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