Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Double Life

Finally! I've put my hands on the keyboard to actually type something for ze blog and break my two-month silence! First off, let me wish you a Happy 2013! It's February, I know, but this is technically my first post for the year so forgive me for my long-overdue greeting.

Well, how was your January? Mine had been really optimistic, as it always is when something starts. Academic duties came flowing in the very day classes resumed and are still on the roll. Since that time, I had a total of 8 experiments, 4 exams, 2 results-and-discussion reports, a practical exam, and a plant visit. Jobfair 2013, a major undertaking for the semester, had also been successfully pulled off. It was a busy month [hence, my blogging hiatus] but the thing about schoolwork, or any work for that matter, is that by the end of it, if you know you have exhausted all possibilities, what remains is gratitude--that it is finally over and, hopefully, that the outcome is what you want it to be. Right now, I'm having a relatively light week after that first wave of storm and so I try to write every incoherent thought I got before time catches up with me.

For my alternate life [pertaining to the non-academic one], the first week was spent on books and with my sister. We arrived in Manila on the 2nd of January [it's only the second time I flew!] and classes didn't start until the 7th, which means I got five days for myself. In that span of time, I finished reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast and made considerable progress with Hugo's Les Miserables. But that was it. Once my attention-seeker subjects clamored for my time, I was left with my poor time management skills and the untouched pages of my books. Have I told you that I have classes from Monday to Saturday? That leaves me Sunday which, instead of being devoted to reading, becomes my opportunity of catching up on missed episodes of Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Girls, and Suits. Since it is Oscars season, I also try to watch all films nominated for Best Picture [If I'm not mistaken, there are nine of them and I still got Lincoln left.] 

There have been many attempts to lift a book but instead of finishing one, I ended up having so many currently-readings. House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Summer Without Men by Siri Hustvedt. Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan. Les Mis, of course. You could also include Milan Kundera's Encounters if yesterday is included in the time frame. If there is one book I have actually stayed with until the end despite my confused state, it's Mina Esguerra's Fairy Tale Fail. I am pretty sure I cannot sustain this habit and so I must pull myself together and read one book at a time, just like what I normally do. Also, I got to keep track of my resolution to always write a review immediately afterwards so as not to forget my thoughts, as well as the feeling.

While my reading and reviewing are in a pitiful state [they will recover, don't you worry!], my book amassing is quite having a boost. Would you look at that pile?

Waiting for their turn
When I see my shelf, my emotions all go "why, yes, I'm finishing you all this year!" to "when am I ever going to find that time?!" I am not the fastest of readers--I tend to savor each line (palusot!)--and I am not the greatest multitask-er, either. So you see why that's a problem? But I was way worse before and so I cling to the hope that it still gets better from here.

For my inspiration to continue working my way to improve my reading habit, I have lots of people to express my thanks to. My bookish friends, whose GR and Twitter updates about their latest reads continually make me envious and therefore pump up my determination. Them, who are not only voracious readers but also excellent wordsmiths, for their reviews and blogs open me up to more great works of literature. Then there's also my sisters, who are my contemporaries in the book world, for discovering the wide-eyed wonders together and for being my constant fangirling companions. And Bennard, of course, who buys me books whenever the blurb piqued my curiosity, and who bribes me more books whenever he wants me to overlook his own book-hoarding. Also, for being my #1 cheerleader.

The double life is both exciting and challenging. This double life is going to be the story of my 2013.


  1. In that case: cheers to the double life! :)

  2. I never knew that you had such a cool looking shelf! Also, the books I gave you mine.:P

  3. This double life is going to be the story of my 2013.

    Will be looking forward how this story will unfold. :)

    1. I hope it will be a good story to tell. :D

  4. The Reading Habit will reignite itself. Just don't sweat too much on it. :D

    Re: Oscars. I am still to watch four more Best Picture nominees. Current favorite is ... Silver Linings Playbook, hihi. I actually intend to watch films with at least 3 nominations (which means I have to start watching all the dibidis I hoarded if I want to finish them before the awards night).

    1. The Reading Habit is on the works, thank you very much! I'm currently "on track" for my 2013 GR Book Reading Challenge. :)

      Also, I finished watching all nine this morning! Now I am torn between Django and Lincoln as my top bet. I also liked Silver Linings--dysfunctional yet sweet. Hihi. Don't worry, you still got time to finish them all. :) Good luck on the marathon!