Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On 'Fairy Tale Fail'

In a nutshell. Guy breaks up with girl and girl still roots for her relationship with now-ex anyway even if another good-looking guy is coming her way. New guy becomes her confidant and, unconsciously, she becomes his confidante, too. Turns out both of them had his/her heart broken recently and chose to heal in the company of the other. As friends, at least. Girl started to be okay and lots of things happened so fast--she started getting busy and unknowingly climbed up the career ladder, as if the cosmos is obliged to help in her speedy recovery. Naturally, ex now wants her back. Either not having enough self-pride or just in dire need of a closure, she agrees to a dinner he offered. In Bangkok. During dinner, realizations start pouring in and, having a clear picture now of what is actually happening, she started bombarding her date with questions which rendered him speechless. Almost. She gets the closure she wanted, rushes to the side of the guy who supported her in her not-so-glorious days, and finally ends her fairy tale on a good note.

It isn't something I haven't read or watched before. But the thing about this story, which made me read through it until the last leaf in one sitting, is found on the little details somewhere in between.

I like Ellie, the protagonist, in the sense that many girls our age would relate with her. (But then again, maybe it's just me. Haha.) Constantly in love with the idea of being in love. Natural sucker for weddings and warm, fuzzy feelings. Usually falls for the Good Guy aka Prince Charming. Loves planning because, you know, she already pictured out everything in her head and so things just have to happen according to how she imagined it. Heads to a direction her impulsive, young self imposed upon her (which presently looks like it isn't the best road for her but she trudges on anyway) and not letting this path to stop her from doing little hobbies close to her heart. Like traveling, or planning for travels. Probably keeps a journal or an album, too, to make sure everything is well-documented. A definite owner of a planner. Her favorite color is something of a pastel shade, or maybe coral or teal. (Okay, this is beginning to look like my slum book page!)

Another thing I liked about this are the conversations between Ellie and Lucas, the new guy. Although they enjoy the same interests, they have different opinions on most things. And that means a lot of arguments and contradicting each other. That is a fun thing to read. Also, I think it carefully worded which makes the reading experience so fluid.

Lastly, I loved how it ended. Of course it's still your formula ending, but what I'm referring to is Lucas' monologue. They say we, Filipinos, suck at making or writing endings once the protagonists have come together, sometimes making you cringe all over, but this one's done a fine job, methinks.

Overall, I liked this better than my first Mina Esguerra chicklit, That Kind of Guy.

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