Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On 'Fairy Tale Fail'

In a nutshell. Guy breaks up with girl and girl still roots for her relationship with now-ex anyway even if another good-looking guy is coming her way. New guy becomes her confidant and, unconsciously, she becomes his confidante, too. Turns out both of them had his/her heart broken recently and chose to heal in the company of the other. As friends, at least. Girl started to be okay and lots of things happened so fast--she started getting busy and unknowingly climbed up the career ladder, as if the cosmos is obliged to help in her speedy recovery. Naturally, ex now wants her back. Either not having enough self-pride or just in dire need of a closure, she agrees to a dinner he offered. In Bangkok. During dinner, realizations start pouring in and, having a clear picture now of what is actually happening, she started bombarding her date with questions which rendered him speechless. Almost. She gets the closure she wanted, rushes to the side of the guy who supported her in her not-so-glorious days, and finally ends her fairy tale on a good note.

It isn't something I haven't read or watched before. But the thing about this story, which made me read through it until the last leaf in one sitting, is found on the little details somewhere in between.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Double Life

Finally! I've put my hands on the keyboard to actually type something for ze blog and break my two-month silence! First off, let me wish you a Happy 2013! It's February, I know, but this is technically my first post for the year so forgive me for my long-overdue greeting.

Well, how was your January? Mine had been really optimistic, as it always is when something starts. Academic duties came flowing in the very day classes resumed and are still on the roll. Since that time, I had a total of 8 experiments, 4 exams, 2 results-and-discussion reports, a practical exam, and a plant visit. Jobfair 2013, a major undertaking for the semester, had also been successfully pulled off. It was a busy month [hence, my blogging hiatus] but the thing about schoolwork, or any work for that matter, is that by the end of it, if you know you have exhausted all possibilities, what remains is gratitude--that it is finally over and, hopefully, that the outcome is what you want it to be. Right now, I'm having a relatively light week after that first wave of storm and so I try to write every incoherent thought I got before time catches up with me.

For my alternate life [pertaining to the non-academic one], the first week was spent on books and with my sister. We arrived in Manila on the 2nd of January [it's only the second time I flew!] and classes didn't start until the 7th, which means I got five days for myself. In that span of time, I finished reading Hemingway's A Moveable Feast and made considerable progress with Hugo's Les Miserables. But that was it. Once my attention-seeker subjects clamored for my time, I was left with my poor time management skills and the untouched pages of my books. Have I told you that I have classes from Monday to Saturday? That leaves me Sunday which, instead of being devoted to reading, becomes my opportunity of catching up on missed episodes of Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Girls, and Suits. Since it is Oscars season, I also try to watch all films nominated for Best Picture [If I'm not mistaken, there are nine of them and I still got Lincoln left.]