Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 8th

I really love it whenever the 8th of the month comes around. This October, Bennard and I had our 44th monthsary! Yayyyy! I know there's really not much sense in counting the months if you have already been together for so long. But for us, it's a good thing to have a little celebration every now and then. Besides, the thought of dolling up a bit more than the usual days excites me. So, after my ES 12 exam, I hurried back to the boarding house to change. By 8:00 PM, he's already come to pick me up.

We do not have an itinerary to follow. Most of the time, we just wing it. Necessity: dinner. This usually is based on our palate for the evening (or maybe just mine). On this occasion, I craved for kare-kareng bagnet (too specific for a craving, don't you think? HAHA) and so I convinced Bennard to eat at Pino Resto Bar. Pino is somewhere in UP Village, Quezon City (not sure though whether it's along Maginhawa Street, a hub for foodies) and it will be just our second time there. As expected, there were a lot of customers so we waited for quite a time before we were entertained. It's okay, it was worth it. I definitely had a fill that evening.

Red Wine Adobong Tadyang
Kare-Kareng Bagnet
Next stop: TriNoma mall for a movie. What's Your Number vs. Dolphin Tale? What's Your Number wins. The next showing (last full show), however, was still in two hours. So we went to Gelatissimo first for dessert.

Mint Choc Chip and Macadamia Caramel

And then to Powerbooks which is really a haven. Bennard bought the fourth volume of the Trese comics, I went looking for Amanda Grange's Mr. Darcy's Diary. Unfortunately, the bookstore still has to preorder it which will take 3-5 more weeks. We just went on looking at books, and of course, Jane Austen novels kept on screaming at me, asking me to buy them. (I particularly loved Emma's book cover.) And I want the Wide Sargasso Sea too. And, and.. The Alice in Wonderland book with golden pages was so very tempting as well. And there were also a lot of other collection-worthy items and gift ideas. Gift prospects for Bennard--a note to self: (1) the big DC Comics book. Price = 2 grand. (2) director collection--David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, etc. Price = probably 3 grand all in all. Those were the only things I remembered so far, even after all the "hint-droppings" he's thrown at me. What a girlfriend.

After Powerbooks, we still had an hour to spare, so we just went checking out from shops to shops. Yes, bored much. We almost hit Netopia out of nothing else amusing to do. Just to buy us some more time, we went queuing for NYFD. It's really funny because we were still full, but we did it just for the sake of looking forward to something. And at looooooooooong last, the guard finally allowed movie-goers to enter the cinema.

That movie we watched starring Chris Evans and Anna Faris was fun and sexy. 

What's Your Number?
Favorite scene: Ally (Anna Faris) faking a British accent. It's hilarious. Plus, the guy she's with is Martin Freeman.

So there, that's a tummy-filling, dress-bursting, book-lusting, movie-going Saturday night for me. Thank you Bennard! :-*

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