Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bye Bye Vacay

It's only yesterday when I found out that the names assigned to tropical cyclones always start with A each year, regardless if the last typhoon's name began with a 'P' or a 'W'. Of course I knew that they are named alphabetically according to the chronological order when they entered the country's area of responsibility--what's the sense of growing up in the province dubbed as Land of the Howling Winds if I didn't? But first typhoon of the year will always get names beginning with the letter A? I was clueless until now. Oh well, hurrah for the new trivia!

I mentioned this because, first, you may not know about it yet and you might, for some odd reason, find this information useful and, second, because Ambo is currently passing through the country, thus the heavy rains and delay of flights. There's nothing that says "your summer is over!" better than 2012's first typhoon on the first day of June. A reminder that, in a few day's time, I will soon be in the city again--back to my study-habit experimentation and in my professors' mercy. But the vacation has done a mighty fine job because I'll be facing the city again with high hopes and motivation, hopefully enough to sustain me until it is time to go back home again.

As usual, this post will be a--surprise, surprise--overview of my vacation! Get used to it, there is no activity I do better than looking back (and writing lists!).

First weeks of April were happily spent with most members of my family. Papa and Mama were home. Ate Glad, Kuya Nel, Lianne and JJ were home. Joy was home. Gwen and Maine spent weeks in Virac since Andrei's birthday until they went back to Manila for Raph's 1st birthday. Ate Yeth and Zye came over for some weeks' visit too. It was really fun! We spontaneously hit the beach almost thrice a week, spent Easter over the farm by holding a picnic, and watched Pasyon with the kids. On Maundy Thursday night, I even experienced the longest bike ride of my life so far: Virac to Batong Paloay Church in San Andres. I was with Kuya Nel, Ate Glad and Joy then. Another milestone, hurrah!

One of our planned beach outings: in Kinaw
With my girlies: Easter picnic at ze farm
Down to Luyang Cave: one stop during my longest bike ride ever
On regular days, Gwen and Maine oftentimes visit us at home and we did some cooking or baking. They will also play with Lianne and JJ (Zye and Ate Yeth already went back to Naga that time) and together, they watch movies. Sometimes, they will even sleep over! *happy tita*
One moment I particularly cherish was when Gwen decided to join us in reading (my book then was Good Omens, Joy's was Perks) so she picked up and crack open our Charlotte's Web copy. :">

First weeks also meant my struggle to get my grade in ChE123 safe. My finals standing was below passing and I already cried buckets for it. But I was so determined not to fail and risk for a delay of one more year that I braved the unprecedented: I haggled for points. Thank God Ma'am Hya is such an angel, she gave me points which eventually qualified me to the extra-credit project. And this was the same project I did during Easter and beyond. Total sleepless night: 1.

 Equipped for, erm, battle: that's a ChE thermodynamics book in my hands! 
It almost felt like I won't make it. I was praying for the best but my mind was already wandering off to some hopeless place. I was thankful when I learned about the grant of the ChE 123 summer class petition but until I officially know my status whether where I'll be spending my vacation, I cannot be put to ease. Imagine my relief when I saw a 3.0 on CRS! Every bit of my heart leapt! It felt like second life, I swear. HAHA. My ecstasy made me promise to my teacher that I'll be a good chemical engineer one day. Big words, I know. What was I thinking? But then it occurred to me that this may be the sign I've been looking for. It came very clear. So at this point, I have already crossed the Rubicon.

After the eventful weeks, what followed was a lull. Papa and Mama left for the US on April 30th for Auntie Emma's wedding on May 12th. Our supposed trip to Naga for Raph's birthday was canceled because it turned out that Kuya Win has office work to be done in Manila so they stayed there until May 2nd. There were occasional deviations from our routine of chores and me-time in the form of kayaking in Twin Rock Beach Resort, or ice-cream eating, but nothing much. Don't get me wrong, though; I didn't mean to make it sound boring. It was fun too in its own way. That feeling of accomplishment and freedom from guilt once a major undertaking (such as cleaning the ref or revamping the shelves) is done, it's just fulfilling. And there are Lianne and JJ, too, to color our life (although sometimes, it gets too colorful bordering on chaos). We still didn't have internet connection at home until my birthday on May 25th so I devoted my free time in an activity I must have started practicing a long time ago: reading. It is with pride to say that I have finished 8 books this summer--a real feat for me! I also read Esquire Philippines, the issues which Bennard asked me to bring home--and I learned to love it. Of course, I watched movies too. This has also been another of my anime phase: Joy and I finished Fruits Basket, and Special A; we reached only halfway of Ouran High School Host Club. All surprisingly contained subtle--and all-out--guy to guy romance, I could only laugh. :D

My birthday also happens at summertime, and if I could remember correctly, this is the first time I'm not spending it with either parents. But I have no problem with that, I'm happy enough that they get to spend time together abroad.

As for Bennard who was also in the US since March, we were in constant communication--all thanks to Skype, Facebook and Tumblr. He arrived yesterday with his mom.

In a nutshell, this summer was about spending time with family I barely get to see in ten months of school (especially Ate Glad, I think, because during other shorter vacations, she's too busy being a mom that we don't have time to talk), second chances, a newfound love for literature, and life's deeper reflection through another's perspective which is in the form of a book. And of course, planning as well (need I mention that?)! 

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