Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reasons Why I'll Start Blogging

1. The need to cross something out from my bucket list.
Did I already tell you I am quite the dreamer? Because of this, stuff listed on my bucket list can get too difficult to accomplish. Things like learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, or going bungee jumping. And since this time I am itching to cross out even at least one, I am declaring that I am ready to commit on maintaining this blog.

2. Just to have something to look back to in my later years.
Being the sentimental person that I am, I love keeping memories. I collect all sorts of objects--from post-it notes and letters from friends, to photos and souvenirs from memorable events, and even the most random things like a tissue paper which may represent a certain day in my life. This time, I won't be needing boxes and spaces for these stuffs anymore. Blogging is my new clutter-free alternative to keeping all the special moments intact.

3. An outlet.
And when I say outlet, I don't necessarily mean rants. It can be some ecstatic feeling which I can't keep to myself any longer. It can be an expression of opinions or a personal view on things. Maybe even thoughts I just feel like sharing to probable visitors of this site.

4. New avenue for writing.
I used to keep diaries before. I reached a total of eight before I finally stopped. I tried OneNote too, but it only went on for about a year. Now, I'm trying this out. Who knows if it'll work out? Besides, I do miss writing. A lot! I may already be rusty, but, what the heck.

5. Something to call my own.
I have a Tumblr site (Follow me: Yes, I am that too lazy to think of another name for this Blogger account! HAHA.) and I am proud of it. But since my posts are mostly reblogs, there is no complete sense of truly claiming everything that it is. And so now, this will be my own little spot on the vast online world.

PS. Someone awesome in the name of Barney Stinson blogs as well, and he kind of inspired me! :D

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