Saturday, October 1, 2011

Milestone 001

Before September ended, I conquered yet another "firsts" in my life. One is becoming a mommy in Little Miss KEMer (LMK) 2011 for Ms. Socio. LMK is an inter-committee beauty pageant where guys dress up in lady outfits. And what is the job of a mommy? Basically, it is conceptualizing what the candidate is going to wear, and what he will perform during the Talent portion, accompanying him in photoshoots and rehearsals, brainstorming with the candidate for possible questions in the Q&A part, training him to walk and project like a girl, coming up with all the things he will be needing from accessories to long gown, having the make-up done. I was definitely hesitant when asked to be one. Primarily because I have never tried putting make-up on, not even to myself! Secondly because I don't have any of the girly stuffs usually needed in pageants, and I was certain that finding those stuffs is going to be hard. And lastly, because I don't think I can be trusted on matters like this one. Despite all my reservations, I was appointed one of the four mommies anyway. And it's a good thing I accepted the responsibility! Because our LMK bet brought home the crown. :)

Another milestone happening on that same day was winning a special award of recognition during the Genmeet: Socio's Most Valuable Player. Being the not-so-active KEM member (I decided to only go to the tambayan during genmeets, org work meetings and other responsibilities), this award will mean a lot to me. Socio may not be in the top 3 ECEC posts but I surely enjoyed joining the games Pictionary and Enter-U for the first time.

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