Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Weekend Before Classes End

I have been so very much looking forward to this weekend because I knew that I will be too busy during the next weekends to come. I earlier planned to spend the Saturday having lunch with Bennard after my ChE 198 class, a bonding date with my cousin, Kuya JR, and my sister, Ate Elvy, in the afternoon, and stay overnight at my Ate's apartment in Shaw. Unfortunately, it hadn't started out well and I had to stay at my boarding house up until 3pm. I tried calling Kuya JR but since he wasn't picking up his phone, I assumed we won't push through with our earlier plans. And so I decided to go directly to my sister's apartment.

I rode the bus on my way there for the first time and I did not expect that there will be so many passengers loading the bus at the Araneta Center area. There were people standing along the aisle and I somewhat panicked on how I will be able to get to my way out, considering that I'm seated quite far from the door. I knew my stop was in Starmall, but my sister told me the distance will be shorter from her place if I go down at the Mercury Drug store past the mall. And so I waited for that landmark. Seeing that the bus ran so fast with no one else stopping in that point, and fearing that it's not a designated bus stop, I did not tell the driver to stop. I told him instead to unload me at the nearest possible stop and lied that I did not notice we already passed by my stop. And the stupid thing I have done: I said sorry for the inconvenience! Oh well, I got down at Boni Ave. To be honest, I planned of walking through that long distance back but then I was wearing my heels and it's drizzling. Good thing I was already near the MRT station and so I rode back to Shaw Blvd. with few coins left to take me to my destination. I was already teary-eyed because things are not turning out how I expected them to be and I started to become very disappointed. I only hope the other passengers did not notice. After walking a few blocks more, I arrived at my sister's place and told her what happened. I have to admit I did cry a little. I'm quite the crybaby, you know. Aside from that, I realized how I need to grow up more for me to survive the streets of the metro. And the terrible things that might happen to me if I didn't. I grew up pampered and I hardly went out alone when I stepped into college. UP is also like an isolated place which is nothing like the harsh streets experienced daily by the working class. I may be "in" the metro, but I still do not truly know the realities it poses since, God forbid, I barely had first-hand experiences of them.

After long talks and lectures to be more street-smart and alert, Ate and I decided to watch a movie and have dinner outside so to lighten up the mood. We watched "No Other Woman" starring Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay, and Anne Curtis. 

It's a local film--mature film, my sister would call it--on marriage and adultery. I did enjoy viewing it especially because the audience we were with is a very lively one, reacting to Carmi Martin's lines or Anne and Cristine's catfight. Besides, Derek was definitely hot (my sister commenting nonstop on how manly Derek's hands are while holding Anne's or Cristine's face)! And the lines were good (exchanges of bitchy dialogues were my favourites!) Surprisingly, Anne Curtis' acting improved in this movie. But come to think of it, this is the first movie of Anne's I have ever watched. Haha.

We reached home at 10 and we were not yet sleepy so we watched Episode 2 of ANTM All-Star. 

Allison always take good photos!

After that, we watched the latest movie adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. I can say Hayley Atwell as Mary Crawford is very lovely. And the actor playing Edmund (who is also Mr Elton in the BBC mini-series Emma) is just the best actor when it comes to staring. If I were the lady, I will really get awkward with his stares.

The next day after lunch, we went to Let's Face It Salon, SM Megamall branch, to experience our first eyelash perming. My sister had been wanting to try it since August and she promised to treat me to one after her payday, so there we were. Surprisingly, there were a lot of other clients in there too (there were even waiting lines), perhaps having their regular facial or a planned wart removal session. I did not expect so many people actually spend money for these services. The derma business is booming in the Philippines, after all. So, about the eyelash perming, I have to keep my eyes shut for an hour and a half. Good for my sister, she brought some music to amuse her while she lies there, while I was bored to death. But it was all worth it because the eyelash perm turned out well. It looked like we just applied mascara on. The attendant said it's gonna last for two months. By the way, if ever you plan on going to that branch of Let's Face It for an eyelash perm, I recommend my attendant, Au. She is really good at it. (I know you might not see much of the curled lashes in photo. And yes, I know too I must have my brows done at once!)

Our next stop was window-shopping at Forever 21 (yes, we were broke that time) and it's just a Tumblr-turned-reality world. It's simply a wonderland of clothes, accessories and shoes. There are lot of super cute clothes for our nieces Gwen, Maine, Zye and Lianne we plan to buy for them on Christmas (I just hope we can save up a good amount before Christmas shopping comes by)! We also went to Payless, another Tumblr wonderland of shoes. FYI, I so fancy shoes, just as most girls do.

Before heading home, we had dinner at Kenny's first. I slept at 11:30 on that Sunday night, my earliest so far since the start of September.

Ate Elvy (right) and I (left) after one fun weekend date

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