Thursday, December 22, 2011

My December in a Nutshell

How's your Christmas vacation so far? It's barely three days before the 25th and ten days before the New Year! Yeah, sure I know Math. Haha. I just want to emphasize how near it is already!!! It also means heading back to school again soon. Tsk. Oh well, before I get started in my drama of leaving home again, I will go back to my festive mood first and live each day as it comes. I am spending the holidays with my family. But this year, instead of our having it in our home in Virac, we are celebrating it here in Naga City! And also new this year, Kuya Win is here for Christmas! Nothing beats spending the holidays with your family complete. :)

Okay, now I am getting too excited.

Actually, for me, the holidays already started long before this day. It began after I have submitted my first long exam papers for ChE 123, my last exam for the year. I am doubtful it went well, but past is past so let's just move on from there. Hopefully, I will have better exam results next year to make up for that one. I must have better exam results! Obviously because I don't have Eng'g Week as a reason now.

Engineering Week a.k.a. Eng'g Week, is the most anticipated (I think) ESC event every year by every affiliated engineering student in UP Diliman. The different eng'g orgs battle it out for the Engineering Week Overall Champion or EWOC title. Being a resident member of UP KEM, the consistent runner-up for the title in the past years, I sure find Eng'g Week a big deal, although I admit I haven't really been an active player. I prefer to be more of the cheerer. This year, I have watched Smokers Night, Dulaang Eng'g, and Indakan. I have also helped out in Awitan 2011 as a logistics team member. I am less busier this year since there is no more cheering competition (which I was part of last year) but I watched and cheered for more games like Debateng'g, Dresseng'g, Casteng'g Call and Pipol Pusoy. More than any of the points earned or the titles won, the most rewarding thing to have is that org spirit I saw from everyone.

My tickets for three of the night events

My somehow-active presence during the Eng'g Week is not the only thing new about me. After Bennard's insistent request, I am donning a new hair too!

So.. how does it fit me?
I got my hair cut just in time for the Spartans' Christmas party! Like the last years, it was again held at Anton's place. Thank you Lucille, Anton and family for having us. Had so much fun! :) Here are win photos during the games. Halata bang nag-eenjoy kami masyado?

And because I am vain like that, I'll show you what I wore during our Christmas party. :P

Thanks JK for the gift! I can really make use of this. Thank you, thank you! And Raisa, I hope you like what you received. ;) 

Another thing which made my December a blast was my parents and youngest sister's visit in Manila. Papa and Mama went for their medical check-ups and so Joy tagged along. They stayed for a week and so we were able to spend lots of time together in the city. We also scoured the malls for the chikitings' gifts. Joy and I found these on Booksale.

Books for the kids

Book for me (at 45 freaking pesos)

I even toured my sis in UP during the timely Lantern Parade and we waited for the fireworks too!

Joy and some mascots
White Lady from the Balete Drive and I
Here are photos of some of the floats.

And here are the people I was with during the parade!
Jilly and I (with my Ate singit at the back)
Bennard and I posing at R-12
Me as photographer lol
After staying for a while in UP, we headed to Mercato. Para naman may foodtrip experience si Joy before going home. :) Bennard, Joy, and I had burgers, cheese sticks, garlic and parmesan buffalo wings, macaroon and melon juice. Ate Elvy and Kuya Amar had takoyaki and other Japanese food. The Off Beat burger aka Krispy Kreme Burger which I bought for us turned out to be only good when it's for sharing (the case when I first tasted it). Now that I had it all for myself, I found it less impressive. Joy liked Bennard's burger better which he bought from Ranch something. Oops, sorry Joy. Haha.

So there. This is basically how the first few days of my Christmas vacation went. Many things happened, and I can still make more things happen in the few days left I have before 2011 finally closes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

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