Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Month Down

January had been good to me: First, I started going to the gym (with a total of 10 sessions for this month--my goal!) and had my first ever sauna experience with my sister. Second, being a CAPES member, I experienced helping out during the Eng'g Jobfair and dressed up in corporate attire for a week! My design for the lamp posts (thanks to Jona and Karmina for their big help on this) was turned into actual publicity tarps which was posted not only around the academic oval but also along the university avenue. Plus, I also got the opportunity to design the Resume Book CD cover! Third, I got to reunite with my Kalay roommate and neighbor Hazel and Twinkle. It was a sudden yayaan, but still it pushed through despite our lack of common free time. Fourth, my attempt to reach bibliophile status is underway. Yey! :) For month of January, I finished Jessica Zafra's Twisted 8 (I know this is an anthology and may not count but, hey, I'm new on this so be considerate. Haha. Besides, I did pick up a lot of interesting ideas and loads of movie and book recommendations!) and have already started reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Just this Tuesday, which is the last day of the month, I bought two new books--Bridget Jones's Diary: Edge of Reason and Flipped. And so I got more reasons to read. Fifth, I got to watch new shows including Arrested Development, and new episodes of anticipated shows like Sherlock. I also consider January as my French film appreciation month because of the number of French movies I have just watched (Jeux d'enfants, La vie en rose, Paris Je t'aime). Sixth, I am beginning to like vegetables! And finally, for my seventh reason, I successfully saved money, and that still excludes the one I reserved for my gym payment.

For the downside, I had more clingy moments during this time of the year (although I felt less depressed). Still had not overcome my bad habit of staying too long on social media sites, reading other people's updates and filling my head with unnecessary information. Failed to post more entries on this blog (although I have written quite extensively on my diary) due to my lack of inspiration to hit Adobe LightRoom button and photo process documentations of recent happenings in my life. Unsuccessful in my goal to keep self abreast about news and current events. Following ANC Alerts, Inquirerdotnet, Rapplerdotcom, Maria Ressa, and Karen Davila on Twitter is helpful though. Finally, I'm still on the habit of preparing homework the night before it is due. Not good.

Overall, I consider January as a great way to kick off the year because the positive outweighs the negative; new experiences and new milestones over the same problems. I just hope February will be more promising!

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