Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girls' Night-out

Yesterday, I organized a girls' night-out just because I'd love to watch the movie "Unofficially Yours" with some girlfriends. I had five attendees (haha)--Gicka, Grace, Jeneath, Brige, and Niezl. We agreed to meet up at 6PM, but Gicka and I arrived at 7PM. In my defense, I accompanied Gicka for her collection of data since four in the afternoon. We conducted surveys in CHK (where she had a crush on one of her respondents, which obliged her to ask all of her respondents' names so no one one will get suspicious that she only want his) and found an obstacle course in the college grounds. The lighting that afternoon was great so we shamelessly took photos of ourselves. Hahaha. I edited these pics so they would look Instagram-ish. #poser

Thanks to my camera's self-timer!

What izz feel na feel, Rhena?

What izz feel na feel, Gicka?

Next stop, we went to Moonleaf Maginhawa hoping to find Clothing Tech respondents. Although I didn't want to order some milk tea, I ended up buying Peppermint (my staple flavor) anyway to have something to do while waiting for Gicka. But she was too shy to ask sooo yuh, failed attempt. Okay lang, at least I saw one cute detail written on our milk teas.

It means "thank you."
It was almost six so we decided to go back, but she said she still has to send the data to her groupmate. Thus, our tardiness. Jen and Grace were in a bad mood because of that (actually, I think it's only Grace who's mad; Jen was just acting to teach us a lesson. I guess she was late herself, judging from her wet hair hahaha). Gicka was silent in our entire trip to TriNoma, which bothered me most since I was the organizer and I want everybody to enjoy the night. Upon reaching the mall, we hurried to buy our tickets, only to find out that the 8:10 PM showing is already packed. Also, the ticket was, surprisingly, priced at 200 pesos! I don't know why a Filipino romcom movie must be shown on THX cinema in the first place. But because we're too lazy--and they were too hungry--to mall-hop and check for cheaper rates and earlier showing at SM North Edsa, we agreed to go for the Last Full Show. Gicka still barely said a word.

Our next first-world problem: where to eat? After long discussions, I finally convinced them to try out my newest Chinese restaurant find--North Park (which I actually first thought as TriNoma's parking space, stupid)! Luckily, they liked it there (I'm assuming lol). 

Happiness at North Park

Also, while we're dining, I thought of a brilliant way on how to make Gicka speak: I asked the girls what happened in Kamia the night before. Knowing full well that she is the only one from Kamia among us, she's the only one who can tell the story right. So there, I did succeed! She did talk! Before she said anything about the incident, she confessed first why she had been silent the whole night and apologized to Grace (and all of us, I suppose?) for coming late. And there, back to our festive mood!!! *so proud of myself*

At our booth

Gicka, Jen, and Brige

Moi, Grace, and Niz

After dinner, we went to Gelatissimo for dessert, just as I have planned. Fortunately, they still have the Buy 1 Take 1 promo when you purchase a movie ticket for that same day. Thus, we got six gelatos while only paying for three! :) I had Roasted Almonds, Jen got Veronese Chocolate, Brige bought Chocolate Truffle, Gicka went for Chocolate Almonds, Grace chose Tiramisu, and Niezl liked the Lemon Cheesecake. By the time we were done with our ice cream, it's already 10PM--just in time to go the restroom first and arrive five minutes early to catch some trailers.

Noticed just now the "Giacomo Casanova" detail!

The movie (no, oh no, I swear I'm not a reliable movie critic! Although i watch a great deal of films, I only have a concept of whether I enjoyed it or not) was feel-good with all the John Lloyd's twinkling eyes, benta pickup lines, and crying scenes which make the crowd go "awww," Angel's beauty and hotness (not to mention, her wardrobe!), plus the funny side characters. The fact that Grace commented a lot during the entire course of the movie even made the movie-watching experience fun.

Shamelessly taken from the web. Oh, look at that JLC smile! I just died.

I know some people can relate to it (same as they could have related with Friends with Benefits, and the MTV series Awkward? Or maybe not, since these ones are too promiscuous?) but I sure can't. It's okay, still had fun. I just wished they already deleted the scene where Ces and Mackie shouts from the apartment window how they love each other. Awkward ending is awkward. Hahaha. It was already past twelve when we rode our taxi. Violation it is, all for the love of my first major-major event! :)

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