Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extra Fun on Extra Day of the Year

It's 12:14 in the morning and I am still up even if I got no acad work to do (I do have, actually, but they are not yet due tomorrow hihi), even if I have a 7AM class later. First few minutes of March and I am spending it writing this entry even if I should be sleeping now. Blame it on the blueberry yogurt I have eaten for dessert, I am still up and running until this ungodly hour. And I don't think I will be sleeping anytime soon.

So to make my time worthwhile, I'll just post a recap of how my day went. Or at least the parts I think are eventful for me.

1. Thankful to God because my acad day wasn't that burdensome. It went smoothly, with no major hiccups. Another example for ChE 131 and some wake-up call from Sir Bok. Another classroom moment with Mae.
Lesson on Free Masonry and the deviant history for PI 100. Complicated first lesson on reactor design (application of all past ChE courses) for ChE 126 which I hopefully will still understand (from my notes) when I review it for future use. Also thankful for not succumbing to sleep even if lesson was dealing with lots of differentiation and integration, and for a professor, like Sir Patrick, who teaches real well.

2. I went to the gym with Bennard and I enjoyed the bath, as usual. Whenever I take a bath in the gym, I forget the time. HAHA. I didn't get to go to sauna though. Another good feature of the gym was its overhead fan in the ladies'. Instant blower for me! Hence, my love for my hair until this very moment.

3. While on treadmill and watching news (with no audio), I have seen KEMer friends on TV Patrol. The news was about the impending tuition fee hike (again? >_<) for SUCs this coming June, and of course it showed some shots of students around UP. There I saw Grace Ti, my buddy Torio, and Sam. :)

4. The unexpected leap-year dinner with Bennard, Gicka, Grace, Ven, Niezl, Kayer, and Timmy. Timmy was the organizer this time. Yay, it was a success (unfortunately though, I didn't have my camera with me)! We had it at Shakey's and I was really stuffed! And yes, it was their blueberry froyo which still keeps me awake. We had lots of fun! We were just there, talking about the most random things, a little high school reminiscing. It's a great thing to know that in our lives, we will always have these kinds of people who we will never get tired of spending time with.

5. Talking to Ate Joyce (she visited me in my room to check out the shirt merchandise my org is selling) regarding who we will vote later for the University Student Council elections. I am not really the discerning voter who reads all fliers they hand to me, or the one who attends all dorm tours and miting de avances, but I am sure one who will vote and will vote for who I think is most fit for the position (although the word "fit" is vague; is my idea of "fit" the right kind of "fit" the USC/ESC needs?).

6. Spending time on social media sites. I know this tends to consume so much of my time, but tonight, it feels like I have no regrets about it. HAHA. I went spazzing over Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng of It Started With A Kiss (oh wait, I think I want a separate blog post devoted for this!), and more spazzing again with my online friends who relate with me. I replied to Ate Nia's tweets about her feelings towards Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, films which I sooooo love! Of course, I recommended Julie Delpy's 2 Days in Paris as well. I liked and commented on all friends' status regarding our spur-of-the-moment dinner. I planned another dinner event, but this time, with my elementary classmates. I heard there will be no classes on March 8. Hihi, the things I hear.

There you go! What about you, how did your February 29 go? :)

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