Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February in a New Fashion

Boom! I realized I didn't write anything about the summary of my February. Since it's almost halfway of March already, I really see no point of writing one anymore. But then again I remembered how great that month was for me and so, yes, endure this post! *evil laugh*

Normally, I dread February. For the past three years of my college life, all emotional and mental stresses are concentrated on this particular month because the sem is neither near the start nor it is near the ending. Exams and requirements pile up and so many things have to be done in so little time. In short, February is my breaking point. Despite all these, I managed because of happy things to look forward to such as Feb 8 which is our anniversary. There's also Valentine's, although I think it's just purely a capitalist idea. This year's February is no different--maybe what changed was how I viewed it. And yes, positivity is the key! I still cried every once in a while because of all the academic pressure (programming! yes, you got that right! plus poor grades. ugh.) but I bounced back faster this time. I still ask why I am in Chem Eng'g but at least now, I have accepted the fact that there's no other way but to learn to love this course and finish it till the last! Heck, I'm in my fourth year now!

I also got by this month with prayers, family, friends and, of course, Bennard. There had been more random bondings with the girls. Mama and Papa learned so many things about cellphone usage which means they called and texted a lot now than before. Bennard introduced me to more distractions to my loneliness (thus, more distractions to my acads as well! HAHA Kidding. I do time management 'noh! Charot.) such as good TV series, films, and books. And most importantly, I faced my fears and studied more. And it really paid off! I was so happy with my exam results in ChE 126 and MBB1. ChE 123 and PI 100 were good enough, but still can do better. ChE 131, that one was a problematic subject, until recently when I got my LE2 papers back and learned that I topped the class. Let's say it was a pivotal point that made me realize... "Perhaps I cannot think of any other course to shift into because I am already in the right one."

Cheers to my most stable February in four years!

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