Monday, March 19, 2012

Cheers to a Freakin' Weekend

Three days ago, Bennard left for the States where he will be staying up until June. I know it will be just like our usual summer for the past years where I am staying in Virac and he's in either Nabua or Manila--we won't be seeing each other for the same period of time. But the thought that he is halfway across the globe gives more gravity to our present situation. I cannot text him because it's damn too expensive. I have to be lucky enough to be online while he is online so we could chat (did I mention Dilnet is fauly so I get disconnected every now and then?). We live in different timezones. And most of all, he isn't just a taxicab away. I was so used to spending my time with him that I panicked just thinking what to do with all the time I will have, alone, now that he's going to be away. Really, at first I thought it will be difficult. But on my first three days, I think I'm doing a pretty good job!

I spent Friday afternoon after class sleeping, surfing the net, watching a movie, and writing in my diary.

Saturday was dedicated to accomplishing my application form and doing the skills tests for Inhenyero. At the same time, it was also the deadline. Not being able to send it before 12 midnight was another story--net was unexpectedly down and so I had to send it first thing the next day (through compshop since net didn't return til 2PM of Sunday) and asked for the Inhenyero editors' reconsideration. Luckily, they still accepted it! (In fact, my interview is scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday.) This Saturday, I thank Ate Joyce and Ashley for visiting me in my room even if their purpose was to copy movies from me. You don't know how much it means to me having visitors who come without me even asking. :"> Also thanks to Gicka for accompanying me to dinner at Kenny's.

On Sunday, I attended the 11AM mass, my first time again to attend mass in the morning in the UP Parish since second year. Luckily, I spotted Tiny and so we sat together. After the mass, we saw Jen too, so we had all lunch together at Rodic's. I went back to the dorm at 1PM and started reading my PI100 articles until I fell asleep. From 2-4PM, I finished one article. Yay! This is all thanks to my determination in resisting temptations to open my laptop and check if there's net connection. By 4:30PM, I prepared my stuff for leaving. I was off to Rhomuell's birthday dinner and sleepover party!

With me were Jen, Ashley, Grace, San, Kevin, Christia, Dyan, Miriam, and Marienne when we arrived at Rhomuell's home in Pateros. Beforehand, we have already bought a dedication cake for him, and we hope it somehow surprised him. HAHA. Look, look, look!

Same Red Ribbon cake as Jen's
When we went inside, Rhomuell had other visitors too--friends from high school, I suppose, and of course, family. It's always a good sight seeing family members coming together for a special occasion. This was my first time to see one in the city. And so it made me happy, and nostalgic at the same time. His niece and nephews were there too, but we particularly took interest in Eion because he was interested in us too. Talk about reciprocity. :))
Eion aka City Hunter
Rhomuell's mom prepared food which was so yummy! I really like pasta in oil, and the side meals such as pork adobo and chicken with pineapple. While eating we watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was a funny thing because Christia so enjoyed the movie that she cried when it ended.

Christia wiping a tear
Later during the night, KEM 07 friends Kuyas Chix and Emman arrived. Even later, Riuji, our 09B batch head, came too. We watched Just Like Heaven next to Scott Pilgrim. Before the second movie ended, Grace, Christia, Dyan, and Miriam decided not to stay for overnight and went home. Some of their pictures:

Jen, Miriam, and Eion
Christia, Dyan, and Marienne
Kevin, the prettiest girl you'd ever meet, and Grace
Dyan and Eion
What we did next was choose the third movie, but since every person wanted a movie different from the rest, Rhomuell played Gumiho Ep 11. The only people happy where Rhomuell and I. So okay, we decided that Sherlock it is! We agreed on watching one episode, but you know what happens next, as is always the case for other overnight Sherlock fans. Teeheehee.

Watson welcomes you to the fandom!
Sleep is for the weak!
Without any sleep (except for Kuya Emman, Kevin, Ashley, and Marienne) and even before the household was awake, we already said goodbye to our host at 6:30 AM. Of course, group picture first.

Cuuuuute niyo, guys!
Super fun overnight! Thank you friends! >:D<

That has been my weekend. I wonder how I will fare this week. Wish me luck!

PS. This is my reward for being a good girl--a super adorable picture with a squirrel. <3 :-* :> >:D<

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