Friday, March 16, 2012

Dinner. It's more fun with friends.

Three days later and I've got a new post again! Whoah, I am loving this newfound dedication to my blog! *confetti*

This one's about Jen's two-time birthday celebration, and Bennard's first ever organized event (at the same time, his despedida too). Let's start with Jen's actual birthday: March 13. Brige, Grace, Rich, Bennard and I decided to surprise Jen with a cake and a bouquet. It was actually difficult to make our operation clandestine because Jen is such a busy girl and we never really know where she is at a certain time. She's got a Petron scholarship awarding ceremony, and then a group meeting after that so we (just Grace, actually HAHA) kept on asking where she is. We finally made it happen in front of Eng'g Lib. I don't know if Jen was surprised at all, but I'm sure it made her happy! Here are the photos.

Dream came true! LOL


Awesome dedication from awesome friend

Culprits and the celebrator

My artsy shot which I'm so proud of!
We shared the cake with Jen and Grace's 124 groupmates and KEMer friends Geordie, Ashley, and Mia. :) Happy Birthday, Jenigurl! Wishing you more happiness and fulfillment in your future endeavors (and we know there are lots)! >:D<

Next story happened just a moment ago. Bennard's organized despedida merged with Jen's birthday blowout. We held it at Conti's in Katipunan. Attendees were: Gicka, Niezl, Rich, Ven, Kayer, Grace, Mae, Timmy and her boyfriend Kit, Raisa, Geordie, Brige, Jen, Bennard, and I. Lea made it by the time we were having our dessert, and Leo, Bennard's brother, joined us too after his Kuya coerced him into staying. Poor kid! HAHA. (Wait, narealize ko lang: Lea and Leo. HAHAHA. Funny coincidence!)

Really, we were so loud in the lower hall of the said restaurant. I just hope no other customers complained because of our noise. They were speaking in conyo (I refuse to admit I took part in said activity) and if I am right, it's because the food was a little higher off our budgets. It was really funny! If someone must win the Consistency Award, it's Grace. If it's Attitude and Execution Award, it's Mae. HAHAHA. I pity the waiter who Mae picked on!!!

Here's what happened:

Waiter: Okay na po ba lahat ng orders nila? 
(silence, because we already got our food)
Mae: Iced tea.
Waiter (surprised, then relieved after coming up with this idea): Ah, mag-oorder po kayo?
Mae: No. I ordered. 
Waiter (epic face of confusion and shock)
Mae: I'm kidding.
(laughter breaks out, Kuya Waiter smiles an embarrassed smile)

This ones' are the most benta anecdotes for the night, if you ask me:

(Niezl and Gicka convinces Jen to buy Chardonnay)
Gicka to Niezl: Di ba ito yung nasa song na Ironic? (sings) And isn't it ironic?
Grace (out of the blue): Don't you think? Aww, Nay, I like that song also!

(Mae puts Kit into hotseat)
Mae: Ahh, so you've been into Daet already? Wow!
Grace: Yes! He's been in Daet! I saw...(long pause then laughter, because Grace pronounced it as "so")
Jen: You "so" them?
Grace: Hahaha. Grabe, you didn't let me finish! I meant "I so know him na!"
(...ayun naman pala eh. HAHAHA)

I hope everybody else had fun as much as I did! Thanks to Jen for our free desserts! Thanks to the Conti's crew for a lively Happy Birthday song performance for our celebrator! And congrats Bennard for a job well done! Have a safe flight to the States with Leo and your dad. I'll miss you!!!

Before I go shed a river of tears, here are the photos.

Organizer and dessert financier

Kit and Timms

Brige and Kayer

Gicka and I

Raisa and Geordie

Ven and Grace

Niezl, seriously drawing her Monster costume for the Gaga concert (just my assumption)

Frappe girls

Angel and the Younghusbands HAHAHAHAHA


Of course, as much as possible, I selected the photos with me in them! Create own blog if you want to flaunt your own face. >:D

That's for now! Looking forward to more events like this! *coughGrace'sbirthdayonthe21stcough*

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