Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ice Cream Cake Party

What's with my frequent galas? I don't know if it's just my coping mechanism from not having Bennard around, or I really have lots of friends celebrating their birthdays on March. Random thought: March babies are conceived on June. Hihi. Anyway, as I was saying, I have been sooo game in almost all invitations from my friends. The latest of which is KEM's induction night and Grace's twentieth birthday. As usual, there is Brige and Jen and Rich for the surprise committee. This time, however, we had with us Ven, Gicka, Kayer and their roommate Nikki.

The plan was to buy a DQ ice cream cake for Grace since I recall her telling me she'd want to try that sometime. Brige and Ven also bought balloons as extras, wala lang, just to get away from Jen's birthday extra which are flowers. The birthday girl, together with Jen, would come from the Induction night. (Segue: Let's wish Jen and Grace good luck and best wishes on their being inducted as Educational Affairs and Ways & Means VPs, respectively!) I went ahead of them because I had to help with the preparations. I don't know what Jen did to convince Grace in going to Kamia (their dorm is the neighboring Sampaguita residence hall) but what I know is that she succeeded in doing so. I guess she used reverse psychology. That always works with Grace. HAHA.

I was in charge of documentation again, so here you go!

Our clandestine operation

Our ice cream cake with candles
Nagslide yung ice cream! Oh noes. 

Surprised June baby

Saengil chukhamnida, Grace!

Good job, girls! :-)

The meltdown!

Symmetry ang peg!

Who's celebrating next?

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